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Axis Oilfield Rentals was founded in 2011 by Edward Davis and Dustin Labat who had been in the oilfield industry and the rental and service business for twenty-one and ten years respectively at the time. Their career paths, primarily in sales, had afforded the duo to cultivate strong long term relationships with clients working for multiple Oil and Gas exploration companies.

And so with a handful of Gulf of Mexico Jobs working they got started. These two had a way of doing things that no one could get on board with thus far in our careers. This seemed so simplistic in theory, however would prove to be a little tougher than we expected. We would assist any client with any request or need, and if we couldn’t provide it, well then we found a vendor that could and connected the two and followed up until the job was satisfied. The strength to this was and still is that we don’t say “NO” to any request or order and we use our connections to fill that order and satisfy the customer. Axis had gotten so good at this that the clients kept asking for more as we earned their trust for reliability and integrity.

It wasn’t long after Axis was started that this reputation earned us a call from a contractor who was working with Shell Oil in the EFS (south Texas) they were looking for a reliable provider for Light towers. The situation at this time in the Eagle Ford Shale play area was chaotic as the demand for people, goods and services was extremely High and there was little to no supply left in that region. It was there and then that the climb began….we began buying used light towers, pulling them into our small shop one by one and getting them up to standard mechanically and aesthetically. Once they were ready we would load a trailer full and Dustin (Bigfoot) would haul them to South Texas to the job sites. Eddie was steady buying and getting them ready and Dustin was handling the hauling and delivery to the Shell work sites. Shell started taking notice and asking questions then the old names began to surface and our long time GOM contacts were re acquainted. Shell Exploration and Axis entered into an agreement which made Axis a direct and primary provider of rental equipment in the EFS.

We fast forward now to the fourth quarter of 2014 when the O&G industry was in a full nose dive, Axis was doing great, growing and had opened an additional location in the Permian basin, Odessa, TX. The business still in 2015 had a record year for revenue by grabbing more market share in the Permian. In light of the uptick in our business and looking ahead, Mr. Davis was advised and accepted the idea that he needed a CFO. In February of 2016 Wayne Templet began with axis as the CFO and VP of Operations. Another guy with 25 plus years in the industry, a great asset to the business. In 2016 Axis’s business straight lined and the company did just little more revenue than the previous year; however it was in 2016 when we began doing business with Chevron. This is when our Capex needs began to skyrocket, Axis was asked to begin providing a couple different types of pumps as well as provide a service during the surface section of each well. It was then in November of that year we hired Ryan Sampey who would take over the VP of operations role, which has enhanced and focused operations departments. In 2017, Axis will finish the year with Revenue at 2.3mm more than 2016, and this has been achieved by scratching and pulling at conventional banks for Growth financing.

Looking ahead now as we are partners with Chevron, Shell, Marathon, Apache, Conoco Phillips, and a host of others who are committed to drilling and developing their leases in the Permian Basin. These Customers trust and rely on Axis Oilfield Rentals and our people to provide solutions and quality equipment to the job to achieve their overall goals. Our Customers continue to ask Axis to provide new and different tasks and items as they trust our Reliability and Professionalism.